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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Giant Magazine Gives Us The Bird

I like fashion, and I don't mind being sold it; but when it's just ridiculous...

Fashions with feathers?!

Never mind that I don't see any significance in the supposed celebs Giant magazine used; what's with showing people such impractical things as feathered fashions?

Accessories? Sure. A feathered purse, hair ornaments; fine.

But where are we going to wear a feathered dress? Are we going to stand for the entire event? Will my local cleaners know what the hell to do with it?


Anonymous said...

Loved this blog concept! Hope you girls can keep it going.

In my blog I have a section called “Fashion Tips” where I give worthless tips for Fashion Victims.

I think next time I’ll give one on how to use a feather dress without looking like a chicken…

Stay Fabulastic!

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