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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Magazines Say You Are Incomplete

I've been "enjoying" an issue of Calling All Girls, but this quiz takes the cake.

Your Personality Picture by Marguerite Barze is as it looks; you take the quiz and then for those you answered "yes" to, you get to draw in on the dot-to-dot picture. If you don't, for example, "keep yourself neat and well-groomed daily" or "have a workable, satisfying religion" you will have missing clothing &/or body parts. And then, "undoubtedly you will want to do something about the little lines that aren't there."

Number 10, "keep a natural manner toward the opposite sex," may mean an unfinished dress for lesbians and, as this was 1945, sluts. A bit more than ironic for the sluts, anyway.


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