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Friday, December 5, 2008

Attention = Vulgar

Because Pop Tart collects vintage etiquette books, I'm surprised she missed this post by Marzipan on The New Book of Etiquette by Lillian Eichler:

This section called "On Being 'Different'" caught my attention quite rapidly.

"Of course, if you are "different" you will attract attention to yourself. But to attract attention is not desirable. It borders too close upon vulgarity.

Many people actually glory in being called eccentric, believing that this separates them from "the crowd." But eccentric means away from the center. What these people are doing, really, is separating themselves from the center, the heart, of humanity. The world will glance over its shoulder at them, may even be interested or fascinated for a moment, but will not throw wide its arms in welcome.

We will lionize such persons for a season, talk about them and write about them in our newspapers--but we will not love them as we love our simple, kindly, lovable next-door neighbor who is always sane and sensible."
That renders me nearly speechless. Nearly speechless.

While I'll confess to reading the passage from the book to a perhaps extreme point, that we should all be sheep, I'm not alone in my reaction.

Marzipan says, "She doesn't bother questioning who makes the rules, who outlines these norms, and why these norms exist in the first place. She also hints that those who are different wish to be away from the soul of humanity thus, the norm contains that soul."

This is the total opposite of what we have with today's celeb-centered worship where people gobble up rancid celeb blogs and pay for lurid publications both based on attention whore -- arguably vulgar. But, the vulgarity isn't so much about being 'different' as actually being the same. Be a Brittany or Hilton clone!

What's worse is that those who plunk down money or give their attentions to such celeb fandom seem to believe the celebs are the very soul of humanity.

While I certainly do not believe Eichler's philosophy, I don't believe this flip-side either.

PS Marzipan also included this photo of Dare Wright, who I have a huge crush on.


Anonymous said...

You couldn't be more right.

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