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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Can Media Professionals & Those In Fashion & Beauty Biz Really Be So Ignorant?

I just wanted to comment on Alessia's post about the biology of beauty, youth & fertility, and WHR (body shapes), but then realized that it was too long just for a post *wink*

First, some related reading material on the web:

Dimensions In The Female Form In Art: statistics on the female shape in art works from 1890, 1930 and 1970.

Fantasy Females: Skinnier Every Year Since 1953: a 2002 study looking at the thinning measurements of women in Playboy since since Marilyn Monroe first stretched across its pages in 1953.

Now my questions...

If there is a biological drive for male DNA to spread itself which causes him (however unconsciously) to evaluate those hips to deem them spread-worthy, why are folks in the media ignorant to this?

If they aren't ignorant to the science...

Then why on earth are men's mags selling men a product (too-thin women) they don't really want? Wouldn't it be easier and more profitable to sell them a product which satisfies their desires?

Women's mags make their money off the fashion & beauty industry -- which turns a profit from praying on insecurities and unfulfilled dreams. So their blind-eye to science makes (sad) sense. But again, wouldn't it be easier and more profitable for the folks in the fashion and beauty industries to address reality? Then the consumers, women, would find success in their products, fostering loyalty? This could still be done to create the seasonal turns in merch (profit), but would be a satisfying experience for all.



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