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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Correlation Between Watching The Drivel & Believing The BS

In Which Came First? The Chick-Flick Or The Egg On Your Face?, Alessia discusses her thoughts on participating in the continuing Media, Personality and Well-Being Study (which so far has found that romantic comedies can ruin relationships). After responding to the first set of questions, Alessia wrote:

It's pretty clear when I looked at my responses on the television shows and films I watch, by genre, that I don't watch a lot of chick-flick-shit. So maybe I'm totally not who they want participating. But the interesting thing is that I also don't believe that the stuff shown on the screen has anything to do with real relationships, let alone any expectations for my own. That alone would seem to indicate a strong correlation between watching the drivel and believing the BS. But does the watching cause the believing? Or is it that those who live in a fantasy world seek out fantasy entertainment?
When just reading about the original survey results, I immediately thought similar things; for while we are told that viewing films is an escapist activity (if passively watching a movie can be called an 'activity'), there certainly seems to be a natural drawing of like to like based upon one's own values. How can it not?

I mean if watching films were all about the escapism from one's own life, wouldn't I watch something completely unlike my own life -- like body count films which blow up shit? That certainly would be unlike my life in terms of violence. And in terms of control (if one presumes that I see 'me' as the one pulling the trigger or detonating the bombs). But I can't stand those films because they utterly eschew the sanctity of human life, one of my core values. And so I am unable to enjoy the 'escape' of the movie because my value of human life is literally blown apart, my values obscured by blood and body parts.

This would indicate, anecdotally anyway, that one's values and perceptions matter even in your escapism.

So, if, as the original study indicates, a person not only believes that another can read their mind but also expects that of their partner, then it makes sense that, obviously disappointed in their real-world-relationship, they would seek to escape in a film which has its basis in such fantasy happenings. It delivers what they seek.

Therefore, it is at least possible that the unrealistic expectations for relationships feed the films, not the other way around.


Solanah said...

Very interesting, I like your view on the subject, its one I've never heard before, and makes perfect sense.

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