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Saturday, December 20, 2008

In Case You Didn't Think Being Female & Living Up To Expectations Was Exhausting...

After a few months of trying to live a 50's life, Marzipan has had to change her plans:

As you readers know, Ward has never been that keen on having a 50's housewife for a spouse. While initially he might have envisioned this woman who oozed perfection, made nightly meals, kept things spic and span, and generally mothered him to a calm sense of security, he soon found that instead he had married a woman who was more concerned over the cleanliness of the kitchen floor than who might be elected to office, who knew little about the economic crisis of her country, and who had to be fed newsbites from a wary husband.

...It seems incredible that after only 100 days of prescribing to a certain set of rules and lifestyle one could become so smothered that one actually suffers memory loss relating to one's own personality. Only I knew something wasn't right because I kept getting so depressed and angry at the littlest things. It's true, caring for a home, making that the integral part of your existence, is not for me. It may be for others and more power to them, but alas, it is seriously damaging my psyche. And I don't want Ward to feel like he's the only one in the house living in the real world while I try to lure him into discussions of WW2 rationing and the difference between a girdle and a waist-cincher. He thought it was funny at first, sure. But when that's all your wife talks about it gets a little stale fast.
She's not giving up, per se, but modifying the project and will now focus on several decades, each for 100 days (with the 80's only getting 65 days).

You can keep track of what she's doing -- and how she's faring -- at her blog. I for one wish her well; but think she'll just find a different hell.


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