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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Listening To Some Nut We've Never Even Met

In her Problems With Pantyhose post, Slip of a Girl quotes from a retro men's magazine on the horrors of pantyhose.

The most excellent part is when the author shames women for putting up with a fashion directive which not only (as shown by earlier parts in the text) is icky for women but unwanted by the men who adore them:

But the women weren't listening to the men -- they were listening to the fashion writers, the profit-hungry stocking manufacturers, and the queers of the European fashion houses, who can't stand to see a woman turn-on a real he-man by showing him how marvelous she looks in sheer nylons, a black satin garter belt and tight silk panties. So up went the miniskirt, and on went the pantyhose. It's pathetic, really, the way women will ditch something that has males gasping for breath in favor of a fashion that brings only a "ho-hum." It's crazy that women will ignore the endless assurances of men that they look ravishingly beautiful in garters and regulation-length sheer hose, and deliberately cover their legs in opaque colored stockings because some nut they've never even met tells them that their bare thighs are uglier than Frankenstein's monster.


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