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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dear Cosmo, I Hate You

I told you there were far more than 13 reasons to hate Cosmo...

Here's one which I just know will send Jaynie sputtering and the feathers flying *wink*

And will someone please explain just where the hell we are supposed to wear outfits like this?

This one is counter-intuitive to bodily comfort:

Even if I can believe that there's a club someplace where I wouldn't get laughed at for wearing this, I'm pretty sure that I'll get too hot in that jacket and removing it will also remove the very "structured look" the lingerie pieces were supposed to "soften".

And as if that outfit weren't confusing enough, this one is so mixed signals I can only imagine you wear it while interviewing submissives:


Solanah said...

I saw the leggings and I laughed. I saw that they are members only, and I laughed even harder.

I have to tell you though I do love feathered, however impractical they can be on most pieces. Usually I wear them on my head though :)

belledame222 said...

Yeah, no. Leggings are bad, mkay. Especially with a gap between the end and the boots there; and are those -leg warmers- at the ankle? No, no, a thousand times No.

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