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Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm A Maxim Subscriber -- But...

I'm a chick & I subscribe to Maxim.

I'm not unusual for doing so; lots of women, including happy hetero feminist ones, subscribe to so-called "men's magazines."

While the actual numbers of happy hetero feminist women like me who read Maxim aren't known, Maxim's publishers do admit women make up nearly a quarter of their readership.

And I'm willing to bet that's lower than reality. (Hey, some folks still use the charge with hubby's name on it; other households think the mag is for him but he's not the only one reading it.)

There's a lot more to say about Maxim & why I do like it -- but today I've got a complaint.

In covering the March 2009 issue, the photos of Eliza Dushku, I was once again annoyed with the credits proffered on photo shoots. Does anyone really think stating "C'N'C Costume National bra" is all that helpful for shopping? It's not. (And some companies even make it worse.)

Now I hear what you're thinking... "But this is a men's magazine, so why would Maxim put as much work into shopping help for women's stuff as they do the men's shopping section?" Here's why, whiners.

A) Maxim knows that (at least) nearly a quarter of their readership is female.

B) Maxim should be able to make the leap that male readers might want to dress their women, their blow-up dolls, &/or themselves in the lingerie shown.

Ditto other "female shopping things".

I'm terribly surprised & disappointed to learn that Maxim doesn't think this way.

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