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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dress Codes (In Film & Project Form) Rock!

In August 2005, Renaissance East Midlands organized Dress Codes, a year-long multiple museum project which culminated in Youth Culture Day in August of 2006. One of the goals of the Dress Codes: Youth Culture Day project was, "To increase museum visits and participation from minority groups, including teenagers (13-19), social grades C2, D and E*, black and ethnic minority groups and young people with disabilities," so fashion was used as a talking point.

Described as a project in which, "Six museums and youth groups came together to explore the topic of ‘Dress Codes’ - examining heritage and identity by looking at traditional dress and making connections with modern fashion and popular culture today," the result was seven projects, 16 short films, and 1,500 visitors at Youth Culture Day.

Here's one of the films, featuring the Northampton Museum & Art Gallery and the shoe collection -- which I found working on this post about collecting shoes.


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