Exploring being female (for that's what we are) in a world of media myths, publishing incompetence, and marketing madness -- as well as the female submission and subscription to those messages.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"If not in the Fashion, a Woman's a Fright!!!"

In my research on feminists and fashion (sort of a corset workshop), I found this poem in Punch, Or The London Charivari, Vol. XCVIII, February 22, 1890:

The Root Of The Matter
(The Typical Woman's Reply to the Arguments of the Rational Dress Society.)

My dear Lennox Browne, and my good Dr. Smith,
There is probably truth, there is certainly pith,
In your Kensington talk about Rational Dress.
Dr. Garson and Miss Leffler-Arnim also,
Talk sound common sense, but they'll find it no go;
The Crusade they have started can't meet with success.

No, sage Viscountess Harberton, sweet Mrs. Stopes,
You had better not nourish ridiculous hopes
About "rationalising" our frocks and our shoes.
There is just one invincible thing, and that's Fashion!
That object of every true woman's chief passion,
'Tis vain to attack, and absurd to abuse.

You may say what you please about feminine "togs,"
That they're ugly, unhealthy, are burdens or clogs,
Too high, or too low, or too loose, or too tight,
There is just one reply (but 'tis more than enough)
To such "rational," but most irrelevant stuff:—
If not in the Fashion, a Woman's a Fright!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

More Bebe, Baby!

Loved seeing Bebe Neuwirth in the September issue of More! Not only is she gorgeous, but how nice to see retro 80's re-do for women who've been there, done that -- on women who've been there, done that.

Adding neon bangles to basic black can be done without gagging me with a spoon. And that orange on black? Heavenly 40's glam!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Collecting Vanity Items: Beauty & Crime Is Skin Deep

I've written about actual beauty crimes in history, learned from this book I reviewed.

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