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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Praise For Porizkova

The beautiful and wise Paulina Porizkova on body modification in the name of popularity:

Generally, I’m all for self-improvement. If you don’t know something, do look it up. Do learn another language, do travel, do open your heart and mind to new experiences. And by all means, pluck your mono-brow, dye your mouse-brown hair and work out to firm your body; after all, if fashion changes to celebrate hairy plump women you can go right back. But please, before permanently removing or adding a part to you to fit societal graphs of pulchritude, consider that that change will be permanent. If, a hundred years ago, you were unhappy with your nose – tough luck. You could hide your flaws, accentuate your strengths, and sometimes, more often than not, realize your flaws were your strengths and were precisely what made you unique and beautiful. That’s how, for example, we got the incomparable portrait of a large nosed Madame X, proudly displaying a profile that makes ME want a big nose.

Personally, I believe that every woman in the world is beautiful. Sometimes the distribution of her attributes is not immediately apparent; sometimes it’s a little uneven, but if she knew how to celebrate the things she was given, whether it’s a beautiful pair of eyes or legs, or intellect, or a sense of humor­– she could see how uniquely beautiful she was. Less you feel like interjecting, “oh please, easy for you to say, miss former supermodel…” For your information, I have saddlebags and cellulite, and no matter how hard I work out, that is my body shape and I’m stuck with it. I look horrendous in short shorts and any pant or trouser that is tight in the thigh. But, for the body type of a saddlebag/cellulite, I think I look really great...

Wouldn’t Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birkin, Twiggy, Charlotte Rampling, and Jean Harlow have lost their special brand of elegant, feline sexiness if they were tipping over under the weight of great ol’ mammaries?

Fugly Shoe, Retro 80's Re-Do

Too ugly to wear the first time around; not wearing it now either.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is Fashion The Stuff You "Covet Then Closet"?

Has real fashion become unwearable? Do you turn the pages in your glossies and click at blogs wondering if anyone could really wear that stuff? I ask six top new indie designers participating in Project Ethos, "Do you design with the average woman in mind, both in terms of livable clothing and sizing, as opposed to art you hang on a hanger?"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Be A Cover (Editor) Girl

Dujour, America’s first independent, internationally distributed, print-on-demand indie fashion and lifestyle publication dedicated exclusively to emerging designers and artists, has started their third cover contest:

Instructions are easy. You have a frothy and delightful helping of cover options below, all numbered at the top. You can comment here or on any of the blogs running our contest. Simply leave the number of the cover and any of your usual love/hate comments. Votes will be tallied after one week and winners will be announced days before the new and breathtaking new ____ Issue hits stands! And yes, we are leaving the title blank because…………drum roll please….commenters selected at random who guess the correct theme of this new issue will be sent a Dujour snail mail goody bag!
See the cover image options and vote here at Dujour's blog. (If you're curious, my vote and guess are posted here.)

If you're not familiar with Dujour, check out past issues and subscribe here -- subscribing to digital issues is greener and cheaper too (but I'm a paper-loving page-flipping nut myself).

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shop It To Me Sale Mail

You know I love my Shop It To Me Sail Mail, so I'm betting my UK readers will be trilled to find out that there's a new ShopItToMe.co.uk! Heck, now any Shop It To Me member can select designers loved by the Brits -- like Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Burberry, Stella McCartney, and more -- and find out when the goodies are on sale.

Even better, you select not only the brands you are interested in, but the sizes too!

So no more fake-outs; find the best deals on the lingerie and fashions which fit you and your family with Sail Mail from Shop It To Me. Join here!

If you already have a Shop It To Me account you can upgrade to the new UK service simply by emailing support@shopittome.co.uk. And please let them know that A Slip of a Girl sent ya!

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