Exploring being female (for that's what we are) in a world of media myths, publishing incompetence, and marketing madness -- as well as the female submission and subscription to those messages.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Gorgeous Issue Raises Issues

Amy of Wolf Whistle on The Gorgeous Issue of Love magazine:

There is only one thing I'd like to say here: I wish Love had remembered that 'gorgeous' isn't synonymous with 'white'. Beauty comes in every colour!

I love finding new magazines and I love the "perfect" mannequin cover best (check out the link to Amy's post to see all the covers), but knowing the publication's definition of beauty is "white only," I don't think I can get this issue or any other...

That's the real question: Do you vote, express your indignation and your values, by not buying/subscribing? Or do you knuckle-under, rationalizing with hope or justifying to yourself that "all the glossies are that way"?

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