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Friday, November 5, 2010

The American Woman - Her Achievements and Trouble

I'm not linking to this post by Jenn Jen because she linked to my post -- I'm linking to it because Jen shows us a kick-ass thing: LIFE Magazine's Dec 24, 1956 issue which was devoted to the subject of "The American Woman - Her Achievements and Trouble."

What's more, Jen makes some excellent analysis when she tells us to take this representation of what life was like for women in the 50s with a grain of salt:

in this particular issue of LIFE, there's little mention of women of colour (besides the beauty around the world feature), women in poverty and certainly no shout-out to queer women. You know, totally unlike today's über representational magazines. Heh.
As I always say, the truth lies as equally in the omission and lies in any publication. In vintage publications as well as today's.

But in any case, I'm getting a serious crush on Jen.


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