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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Beware The Wedding Guests?

A friend of mine is getting married, and while the following story is cute, it just doesn't fit in at the other blog, so...

You know how wedding planning goes -- everyone has to stick their two-cents in, right? Well, while we were sitting around going over the checklists for things, the mother of the groom was saying how the wedding guest book is useful. It's not one way to organize your thank you cards, but that she'd heard that the proper etiquette for guest books is that you use that list as your holiday greeting card list for the next few years. She thought that made sense, so she set about doing that the very next Christmas.

About a week or so after she mailed the Christmas cards, she, the new bride, received one of the cards back. Written on the envelope was this:

I only went to your wedding to be polite. Please stop showing me how happy you two are.

It was signed by the former wedding guest -- a female friend of the groom (now the husband) who apparently was less "friend" and more jilted and broken-hearted former girlfriend.

What's more, next to this woman's name in the guest book there were little hearts... At the time they seemed like well-wishes for the happy bride and groom, but now... Well, they look more like the last attempts of communication from a pining woman!

Honest-to-God -- she showed us the card and the guest book!

If there is a moral to this story, it's that your wedding guest book may prove to be practical and humorous!

(For a more useful and beautiful wedding story, see this post by A Slip Of A Girl!)


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