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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Going Ga-Ga?

We're rather intellectual about beauty and fashion here; often down right critical, even. But that's not to say we are immune to brazen acts of consumerism. Like, say, when there's a big sale on shoes... Or a big womens boots sale.

Today there's a big shoe sale at Macy's which most of us are going ga-ga over. (Hey, that expression makes even more sense now that there's Lady Gaga! Not that she needs to worry herself about a shoe sale...)

But that's rather my point: You can be a smart shopper, a critical thinker about media and what it pushes at you, and be a savvy shopper. That's rather what we try to do here at Pink Populace Paparazzi Parade Exposé -- make you think about what you're buying into before you buy.

Saving 30 to 50% on select styles -- with an extra 25% off clearance shoes, online only -- is only part of the (fabulous) story. Yes, it's nice to save on shoes for yourself and your family, as long as you are buying what you need, what you want, and not because you feel you must or feel as if you're nothing without it. It's shoes, people. They aren't going to turn you into Lady Gaga or whoever else you think is awesome.

But there's nothing wrong with buying shoes -- even pretty, impractical things that are more decoration than clothing for your feet. And it's OK to fall in love with the shoes of look of a celebrity, as long as you aren't confused about what those shoes will do.

Buy the shoes; not the image.

Even better when those shoes are on sale. *wink*

Now I'll get off my platforms soapbox and let you shop!


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