Exploring being female (for that's what we are) in a world of media myths, publishing incompetence, and marketing madness -- as well as the female submission and subscription to those messages.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vintage Fat Women & Other Stereotypes

The little "funny" poem from illustrator Ted O'Loughlin reads, in part:

Noses Are Red
Viole Is Blue
Let me finish the poem for you: Don't Be Fat, Or A Drunk Cop May Arrest You

This is from the collection of Emma Pratt Hall; I wonder how young Emma felt receiving this warning disguised as humor? This vintage piece available for sale here, where the seller describes it as follows:

A dated and inscribed C. 1939 signed by the Philadelphia Bulletin's comic artist Ted O'Loughlin pen & ink and watercolor Illustration art comic work of a curvy pin-up girl on an old porcelain lollipop scale and a leering cop.


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